Manufacturing facility:

Located in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, Our manufacturing facility covers an area of 10,000 sq/metre.

We have four production buildings, two of which are dedicated to our main products, 10 DAB and Camptothecin. We also have an API facility to manufacture our antimalarial API’s. The buildings are divided and segregated to ensure no contamination takes place.

We strictly adhere to GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES and are APPROVED VENDORS for leading Pharmaceutical Companies who carry out periodical audits to check our quality systems.

We have DMFs, GMPs and other licenses to ensure compliance and are consistently upgrading our technology to stay ahead of competition.

Lab : Quality assessment, Quality check and R & D

We have a government approved R&D facility and hold a DSIR license. We believe in supplying a quality product to our vendor which meets their specifications.

We have a well equipped in-house lab to carry out analysis of raw material, products in process and finished products. We carry out R & D to identify new products and improve our processes.