The Journey / evolution:

In early 1990s, one of the founder’s, having lost a close relative to Cancer, decided to set up a herbal extraction facility, in conjunction with his business partners, to extract and isolate phytochemicals to help chronic and life threatening diseases affecting the world.

In 1993 – SM Herbals was born. SM Herbals specializes in the Extraction of plant based principle ingredients (Phytochemicals).

Since inception, SM HERBALS has been run and managed by a group whose collective turnover is nearly $150 million.

The group has been in manufacturing and business since early 1900s. They have varied interests in a range of activities and industries. From Biscuit manufacturing, clothing manufacturing and real estate to tea plantations, flour mills & oil extraction – the group has excelled and shown growth in every industry they have entered. With industries situated in different parts of the country – their enterprises are a mark of stability, quality and reliability.

SM Herbals, headquartered in the capital of India – New Delhi – is a company that is committed to the same core values. With a state of the art, GMP approved facility, located 70km outside of New Delhi, in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan – it has continued to service the requirements for APIs, intermediates and nutraceuticals to some of the biggest multinational companies in the world.

Certifications and facilities:

SM Herbals has filed DMF with USFDA for its core products. It has a world-class GMP approved facility. It is also a recognized R & D Unit approved by the Government of India. Research on active phytochemicals derived from plants is undertaken in depth at this R & D facility.

SM Herbals also has 4 production lines dedicated to the production of 10-Deacetyl Baccatin III , Camptothecin and Quinine Sulphate and Derivatives, Artemisinin Derivatives which are its core products.

A new cGMP facility was set up to introduce new APIs to the product portfolio.

Further, plans to diversify into other categories such as Cosmeceuticals, vetenirary, and nutraceuticals are in already in motion. Already servicing orders of standardized herbal extracts, SM Herbals is riding the latest wave in the industry.

SM Herbals also has a drug license along with an NOC for pollution.

SM Herbals takes its impact on the environment very seriously – and continuously strives to reduce its carbon footprint and give back to the planet.

SM Herbals has also bought seeds of the endangered – Mappia plant and has it’s own plantations to ensure that nature’s reserve is not depleted mindlessly.

Commitment and resilience:

Committed to quality and timely delivery – SM Herbals has established and developed long standing partnerships with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. SM Herbals has also been a regular exhibitor at CPHI worldwide – the largest pharmaceutical exhibition in the world.

With over 90% of its production being exported – SM Herbals is now synonymous with quality and efficiency.

SM Herbal has been a dynamic company – expanding, innovating and adapting to the changing industry requirements. With strong roots, it has shown the ability to withstand trade cycles in the industry – and continues to service its clients.

With a positive outlook towards the future – SM Herbals continues to recruit
experienced professionals to an existing team of dedicated staff. Our focus remains timely delivery and quality control while increasing efficiency in production.


1. Re-Green the city:
SM Herbals has taken the initiative to acquire land to regreen the city. Every year SM Herbals plants hundreds of trees to offset its carbon footprint and add to the green cover of the planet.

2. Training:
SM Herbals provides special skills training to hundreds of potential job seekers to better equip them to work towards creating a sustainable livelihood.

3. Sustainability:
Mappia Foetida is the medicinal plant from which Camptothecin is extracted. Once growing wildly, today, Mappia is in the endangered list and therefore faces the threat of extinction. SM Herbals has undertaken the plantation of Mappia seeds through its own plantation thereby increasing its produce and reducing the risk of losing this valuable plant.

Team Behind Our Successful Service

These are the reason to get you good service

Sudhir Prakash

MBA IIM Calcutta

Tea planter

Real estate

Angel investor

RK Bader

MBA from IIM Calcutta.

Oil extraction, Real estate, Flour mill, Garment manufacturing , Biscuit manufacturing

Angel investor

Aditya V. Rungta

Trade in metals and Real estate.

Angel investor