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Welcome to to SM Herbals

It has been scientifically established that remedies for most of the ailments can be found in the cradle of nature. For thousands of years medicinal herbs have been used safely and effectively to cure diseases and different aliments. Nature has created active molecules in plants with medicinal properties that the mankind have used to cure remedies like AIDS/ CANCER/ MALARIA and other diseases.

But we need to classify, extract and process these qualities of herbs in order to make them useful. Therefore, at S M Herbals our primary focus is : extract-isolate –purify active principle ingredients from plant species (PHYTOCHECMICALS).

We believe in the preservation and conservation of nature and the fragile ecological balance. We understand that in order to extract the benefits from nature, we have to protect and nourish it. Hence, the manufacturing of these fine phytochemicals commences from the fields itself where the medicinal plants are cultivated without endangering the ecology of the region.